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Indians Health is the best ecommerce store for ayurvedic baby and mother’s health products online. We display wide range of baby and mothers health products manufactured by companies like Himalaya, Johnson and Johnson etc

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baby diapers Baby Diapers anti-rash shield baby diapers The bottom line on diapers Add to wishlist Almost every baby will have diaper rash or diaper dermatitis before the age of three due to many cont...

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  • Health Articles

    • Pregnant women should avoid “diet” soft drinks that have been artificially sweetened, experts have said, after a study linked them with premature birt..
    • Goa recipes predominantly include fish and rice as staple diet. The state thrives on the tourism industry with over 1 million people from all over..
    • Pedicure The foot is sometimes the forsaken feature that needs to be attended to. They can’t be ignored as a beautified foot completes the beauty tha..
    • Sikkim The cuisine of hilly state of Sikkim is as distinct as it can get. The uniqueness of Sikkimese recipes, that are served on the plate is tha..

    • Ujjayee

      The word ‘Ujjayee’ comes from Sanskrit and it means victorious. It is also known as Hissing Breath or Victorious Breath. Ujjayee can be performed in..

      Uttana Pada Asana

      In Uttana Pada Asana, both the legs are lifted upwards. This asana gives extreme strain to the spine. In case of any spinal injury this asana can be p..

      Surya Namaskar

      The word Surya means Sun in Sanskrit. Namaskar is a Hindi word for Namaste, Namaskar means salutation, salute, greeting or praise.   All se..


      Pneumonia Burning Sensation in the lung causes Pneumonia.  Also called as Bronchopneumonia, this is caused by difficulty in breathing, combined ..