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Recommended for reducing gum swelling and pain by strengthening and tightening gum tissues, providing you healthy gums. Very effective in mouth and tongue ulcers soothes irritation and burning sensati...

₹ 150.00

Mildly scented, this unique combination of herbs and oils strengthens nerves, increase immunity and leave you with a head full ofcalmness and a body filled with energy. .....

₹ 600.00
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Relaxing and De-stressing Shower Gel with an Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion, Scrub that revitalizes the skin and removes dead cells, Foot Cream that Soothes and Relaxes Cracked Heels. HAMPER CONTENTS: TVAM ...

₹ 3,690.00
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Premium Soap Set - Soothing, Relaxing, Rejuvenating, Moisturizing, Skin Nourishing Set with Relaxing, De-Stressing, Mood Lifting Jasmine Mogra Green Tea Body Massage Oil. HAMPER CONTENTS: Cinnamon &am...

₹ 2,841.00
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*Firms the muscles *Tightens and tones the skin *Moisturises the skin *Reduces wrinkles *Makes skin healthy *Reverses signs of ageing To use: Apply on bulky skin areas such as thighs, buttocks, stomac...

₹ 750.00
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Ayurveda & Herbs .....

₹ 450.00
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Sandalwood Body Massage Oil reduces stress, prevents dryness of skin, improves blood circulation and tones the body. Regular use of this oil leads to a beautiful and glowing skin. It is specially form...

₹ 1,120.00
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This Intoxicating Spicy Soap is made with essential oils of Cinnamon and Patchouli with Cinnamon leaf powder swirl. Patchouli Oil has a strong, sweet, musty, and persistent fragrance and helps to reju...

₹ 583.00
For you ₹ 554.00

Named after the patron dietry of Ayurveda, it is a fragrant and earthy oil containing 28 herbs.An exellent classical oil that promotes health,energy and vitality. Enhances the circulation and provides...

₹ 450.00

A specially formulated Ayurvedic oil with the goodness of ancient herbs to soothe dry and itchy scalps. Regular use will leave you with a clean,healthy scalp, stronger roots and hair that shines with ...

₹ 450.00

A Unique traditional massage oil useful in dry skin. Regular usage improves skin lustre and reduces dryness. Ideal for children and infants .....

₹ 450.00
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Gold Bar is the most sought after bar that is a favourite of all. Gold Bar makes the skin look and feel smoother and softer. It gives the skin a lovely glow. Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Hibiscus and Chamomi...

₹ 544.00
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Green tea is soothing, while Menthol Oil is refreshing and soothing. Scented with an uplifting blend of Menthol Oil & Green Tea extract, leaves and the goodness of Almond Oil, with the added goodn...

₹ 544.00
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A Versatile Ayurvedic oil with camphor as the major ingredient. It relieves pain and inflammation and imparts painless movements of joints. It acts as refreshing oil for massage and also helps soothe ...

₹ 450.00

A deeply nourishing, herbal infusion which strengthens roots, prevents hair fall and premature greying, removes dandruff and cools the scalp. .....

₹ 550.00

Kumkumadi Thailam is safe and very effective oil for adding fairness and radiance to skin making you look beautiful naturally,Improves skin texture and relieves skin problems. .....

₹ 2,340.00

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